4 Amazing Resources for Free Legal Advice

Hiring a lawyer is one thing—it can be lengthy, difficult, and pricey. But trying to find some free and friendly legal advice shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Wrong. Legal advice is one of the hardest things to come by. Not because there’s nothing written about it online—because, of course, there is a lot written about it online, yet much of it isn’t legally accurate or reliable.

From terminology, to dates, to loop-holes, and plan As, or Bs, legal advice needs to be tighter than a guilty man’s alibi if it’s going to be of any use to you and not, instead, cause harm.

So, here are the top 4 legal sites that will give you free, reliable, legal advice right now.

1. LawInfo

Law Info is a site that offers access to thousands of forms for a multitude of legal issues from rental dilemmas to guardianship battles. Not only that, but there’s also a FAQ section where, apparently over 20,000 questions are frequently asked because it’s got the answer to all of them and more.

You can also search Law Info’s database for real-life questions asked by people like you and answered by legally trained advisors. And as if this wasn’t already enough, there’s a ton of how- to guides for all kinds of legal situations, as well as legal guides, videos and more.

2. FreeAdvice

Sounds perfect, right? Free Advice offers exactly that: free advice. It has a huge collection of information for you to browse. What’s also great is that the online community that subscribes to Free Advice is incredibly active and you can easily ask questions in the forum and get a quick response.

Our only recommendation with this site, however, is to be careful when quoting, or living by, the advice given to you in the forums. They can be great to find recommendations, or directions on where to take your search to next, but using them as a place to get accurate legal advice isn’t always going to work… because, of course, the people answering your questions may not be lawyers.

3. LawGuru

Law Guru’s forum, on the other hand, is always answered by lawyers. This website straddles the line between free and cheap perfectly—It offers an opportunity for its visitors to ask any legal question they have, and then opt to either have it answered publicly in the forum (for free), or answered privately and confidentially (for a small fee).

What’s great is that you don’t even have to ask any questions to get great advice. Head to the forum and see if your queries have already been asked and answered. At Law Guru the answers always come from attorneys, so you can trust the advice written there.

4. The Law

The Law is a site similar to that of LawInfo. It’s overflowing with legal discussions, forums, guides, and FAQs. Like the previously mentioned sites, you can submit a question and receive free online legal help, or you can use their extensive data base to find an attorney near you for
legal help in real life.