Americans Reeling After Two Deadly Shootings Occur Within Hours of Each Other

Saturday, August 4, 2019 was horrific day for the residents of El Paso, Texas.  The horror continued in another city just hours later in the wee morning hours of Sunday, August 5, 2019 in Dayton, Ohio.  Both cities were assaulted by active shooters, leading to the death and injury of many.

The first gunman became an active shooter at a Walmart, in El Paso leading to the death of 20 innocent victims with an additional 26 injured during the attacks.  The suspect in the case was taken into police custody, peacefully without the need to discharge their weapons.

The alleged victim is a 21-year-old resident of Allen, Texas.  The alleged shooter has been named as Patrick Crusius.

The accused will face charges of capital murder, with the District Attorney suggesting they will go after the death penalty.  At this time, the case is being viewed as domestic terrorism.

This shooter was allegedly motivated by racial hatred to commit the crime.  A four-page letter that is believed to have been written by the shooter, although has not yet been confirmed, spews racial hatred and white nationalist views.  It targets immigrants, particularly those of Hispanic descent for stealing American jobs and changing American culture.

The victims of the shooting were various ages, with even children becoming victims.  It does appear there is consistency between the alleged documents and the victims of the shootings with 3 confirmed Mexican deaths and an additional 7 victims injured who were Mexican.

The country was still trying to wrap their minds around the atrocity that had just occurred in Texas just to be assaulted with the news of another active shooter in Dayton, Ohio.

Sadly, the shooter was able to take away 9 innocent lives before police were able to suppress the threat with a deadly shot.  Thankfully, police were able to respond almost immediately to the situation, killing the gunman within a minute of when he began shooting with a .223 high-capacity gun.  In such a small amount of time, in addition to the 9 casualties, there was  tan additional 27 victims who sustained injuries.

The shooter has allegedly been identified as a 24-year-old named Conner Betts.  Even more tragic, the shooters own sister is allegedly a victim of his heinous crime. Currently, there does not appear to be a definite motive for the crime.  Since, the event happened so abruptly, it does not seem a particular group was targeted.  With the shooter dead, it may be hard to determine what was going through his head when he decided to take out residents of his own community in the Oregon district of Dayton.