Common Market Schemes to Avoid When Selecting a Lawyer

Picking an adept lawyer to defend your case is important in ensuring you receive what is rightfully yours and do not waste countless dollars on representation that is getting you nowhere. Like most things in life, not all lawyers are equal. It is important to know common advertising schemes that can promote a lawyer beyond his or her actual experience and qualifications. Lawyers are important for a variety of life situations, knowing which ones will help you most will be crucial to settling any case.


Do not fall prey to advertising boasting of combined years of experience. This common marketing ploy is a way to make it appear that a lawyer has more experience than they actually do by simply adding all the firms combined years. Additionally, be sure to find a lawyer that truly specializes in one area. While it may seem impressive when a firms advertising boasts a long list of specialties, the reality is that no one is able to do everything well. Finding a lawyer with extensive experience in a specific area is a safer option for your case. Furthermore, be diligent to research a firm and its lawyers. Do not simply browse the internet and yellow pages, basing such an important decision upon crafty marketing strategies. It is important to read reviews from former clients and take time to research the quality of the firm you are considering.

Additional Mistakes

Once you have selected a lawyer do not assume your job is done. Be careful to avoid common mistakes in order to protect yourself. Be sure to insist on a written fee agreement. This avoids misunderstandings and unseen fees later on. It is always better to know the exact agreement upfront. It is also important to obtain copies of any documents you sign. It may not seem all that important, but do not be mistaken, all documents from your attorney should be kept in a safe location to protect you. In the world we live in you can never be too safe. This prevents an attorney from being able to destroy documents and deny an agreement ever existed. Furthermore, years down the road you may need information from those documents which attorneys’ offices periodically shred in order to make room for more recent clients. Lastly, it is crucial that you stay in touch with your attorney. It is your responsibility to notify them when you change addresses or telephone numbers. It will be difficult to resolve your case if they can no longer contact you.