Debut of Netflix Show “Tiger King” May Be the Key to Solving Decades Old Disappearance

As the Nationwide quarantine/social distancing continues, Americans are increasingly looking to platforms such as Netflix to provide entertainment. As such, Netflix did not disappoint recently releasing a new series called Tiger King that has taken the nation by storm. The documentary highlights the suspicious disappearance of Jack Donald Lewis better known as Don.

As the show continues to gain momentum, it appears this age-old mystery has aroused the interest of people across the country, shining new light into this long forgotten cold case. The show has generated many new leads, allowing a local Florida police department another shot at cracking the case.

The show features an ongoing feud between Carole Baskin (a Big Cat Proponent and Sanctuary Owner) against the confinement and personal ownership of large cats by Joe Exotic aka the “Tiger King.” Although Carole Baskin was Exotics target in an attempted murder for hire, the show highlights the shrouded history of the woman whose own husband (Jack Lewis) disappeared into thin air during 1997.

Allegedly, since the show’s release the sheriff’s department in Hillsborough Country, Florida is receiving six or more leads per day offering relevant information regarding Lewis’s decades old disappearance. Law enforcement is expending great energy in following up on each tip, with the intent of finally serving justice/answering the question of what happened to Jack “Don” Lewis.

With the influx of new leads, a detective at the department has been specially tasked with handling any and all leads related to the disappearance as a result of information aired on the show. The department takes all cases very seriously continuing to seek the truth long after a case has run cold. Henceforth, the case, although cold is still considered open.

Unfortunately, at the current time none of the leads have shown promise. Despite this disappointment, there is still hope that the right person may come forward offering just the tip needed to finally crack the case.

The most difficult aspect of the case is the lack of evidence of foul play, featuring a man who simply disappeared one day and was never seen again. With the lack of GPS traceable phones during the 90’s, Lewis essentially has no paper trail. For all police know the now 81-year-old could have voluntarily chosen to disappear that fateful day in August 18, 1997. However, this seems unlikely as his passport was never used following his disappearance, making it implausible that he left the country and started a new life.

At the present time, no one has been charged with the disappearance, due to the ambiguous nature of what happened and no physical body as evidence. Without being sure a crime ever occurred; it is difficult to prosecute anyone.

Only time will tell (as the quarantine drags on leaving millions stranded in their homes) however, it is possible an amateur detective or someone who knows more than they were willing to say in the past will be the key to cracking the case.