Decades Old Murder Case Solved with DNA Evidence

Those of us in the legal field hear far too many cases of sexual violence against women.  While, many women are left to tell their harrowing tale, not all are so fortunate.  In years past, these cases were often left to go cold, the victims never receiving the justice they deserve.  Thankfully, due to advances in technology and DNA evidence, one such victim is finally receiving the justice she deserves.

Recently, a previously convicted rapist was finally linked to the murder of a young woman after decades of skirting justice.  Allegedly, the young woman was shoved from a roof in New York City after she resisted the sexual advances of the rapist, plummeting to her death.  The case remained cold from 1989 until Wednesday when DNA evidence finally linked the perpetrator and led to his sentencing.

The offender, 48-year-old Scott Parrilla faces consequences of 25 years or up to life in prison.  The victim, Noelis Bavanilla has finally received some semblance of justice after nearly three decades.  Her mother is relieved the killer has finally been apprehended and will face repercussions for his heinous acts.  Parrilla was not present for his sentencing.

When the crime originally occurred, Parrilla was merely 19 years of age.  He accompanied the victim back to her home in the wee morning hours.  When they approached the home, around 5 am they proceeded to go up into the roof, at which point Bavanilla tried to force himself on the victim despite her refusal.

The victim then engaged in a struggle with the perpetrator, in the process she was thrown from the roof of her home.  Within two days, the victim succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital.

Witnesses reported seeing the victim accompanied by Bavanilla prior to her death.  Due to lack of evidence the lead could not be succulently followed up and thus, the case unfortunately went cold.

The case was recently reopened in 2015 by the Bronx Homicide Squad after new information was provided to police by a friend of the victim.  Due to advances in DNA evidence, homicide was able to find a match between evidence collected from the victim’s fingernails and Parrilla.  Fortunately, investigators had access to Parrilla DNA in another case file where he was convicted of another rape and attempted murder in 1993. The rapist was apprehended in the spring of 2016, just after his release from jail for theft.  The perpetrator is not new to prison as he has previously served sentences for other rapes and petty crimes.  He will now finally face the consequences for the 30-year-old murder he committed and assumed he had gotten away with.