Devastating Child Abuse by Illegal Immigrant

Eyebrows are raising as tensions run high regarding illegal immigration and immigration policies.  In the wake of such controversary, criminal activity conducted by illegal immigrants continues to inflame beliefs on the subject.

Another upsetting incident occurred when allegedly an illegal 20-year-old, male, resident of Phoenix impregnated a female minor.  The victim is merely 11 years of age.

The alleged perpetrator and illegal immigrant, Carlos Jacinto Cobo-Perez faced arrest last week.  The female victim was determined to be with child the same day after an exam at the Phoenix Children’s hospital.  The accused made a confession, sharing with law enforcement that he had prior sexual relations with the minor.  The acts occurred in Cobo-Perez’s car, at a location near the young girl’s school.  He also has confessed to fathering the child.

Allegedly, Cobo-Perez consistently worked to wear the girl down over a period of time, with the intention of sexual relations from the beginning.  The young girl is nearly a decade younger than the accused who is almost 21.  He has been accused of manipulating the young girl.  Due to her young age, she fell perfectly into his trap.  Law enforcement became aware of the potential situation when the minor’s mother contacted them in fear that an inappropriate relationship was occurring between the two.  After the report, law enforcement immediately began searching for the accused.

Cobo-Perez, during an interview with detectives was alleged to have admitted his own guilt, sharing that he was fully aware of the girl’s minor status, the illegal nature of the relationship, and his supposed intentions to put her out of his life.  Court documents painted a very different picture, alleging that the minor’s parents discovered correspondence between the two where Cobo-Perez admitted he was aware that he could face jailtime for engaging with a minor.  He was allegedly brazen enough to brag about not being worried about the possibility.

The perpetrator now faces charges of aggravated assault, as well as sexual conduct with a minor.  He is currently held in jail with a $150,000 bond.

The family continues to stand behind their child.  They have pleaded with the judge, during the court hearing to avoid signing the order of deportation that Cobo-Perez has requested but to instead keep him in custody.  The family feels he would be getting away with his crime and deserves to face the legal system for what he has done.  They want to avoid the possibility that if he were deported that he may once again reenter the country illegally.

The accused has another scheduled court date on May 28th.