DNA and Forensic Genealogy Crack Decades Old Rape Case and Murder

The wonders of DNA technology combined with forensic genealogy continue to amaze us, cracking crimes that have long ago gone cold, finally bringing answers, and often long overdue justice for the families of the victims.  This was precisely the case, when using these technologies, two Maryland cold cases were finally solved.  Unfortunately, the alleged suspect passed away two years prior, narrowing skirting justice for the crimes he has been accused of.

Evidence paints a ghastly picture of the rape of a 52-year-old woman in 1989 and the rape and murder of a 42-year-old female, French immigrant and research biologist.  The killer seemed to follow the same MO finding both women at the Rockville train station and following them home where he perpetrated his heinous acts of violence.

According to the evidence provided from the results of DNA and Forensic Genealogy technology, the perpetrator of both crimes was the same person, Kenneth Day who by this time has been deceased for two years.  According to records, he passed away at merely 52 years of age in West Virginia.  He left behind one daughter and two grandchildren.  Law enforcement was not immediately aware of the circumstances surrounding Day’s premature death.  Police were quickly able to access multiple mug shots of the accused but did not know what crime he had committed in those instances.  Day is a potential suspect in multiple cold cases throughout Montgomery County.

Bob Phillips, retired detective spent endless time attempting to crack 42-year old victim Bich-Thuy’s murder case without resolution.  Phillips was first on the scene in 1994 when Bich-Thuy’s body was found at her home.

Using DNA from the original crime scene, during the year of 2017, Montgomery law enforcement in collaboration with Parabon Nano Labs was able to create a sketch of Bich-Thuy’s murderer/rapist.  Parabon’s unmatched technological abilities allowed this DNA to be uploaded to a genealogy website called GEDmatch.  This subsequent information identified other persons sharing large amounts of DNA with the perpetrator.  A further genealogy search was responsible for identifying Kenneth Day as the alleged killer. Day’s DNA obtained from his two identified victims was compared to samples in the FBI database with no success.  Police have always believed the person responsible for the murder and rape of Bich-Thuy was also guilty of other cold cases involving rape and additional crimes.  It is believed the alleged offender may have been activity raping women in the Montgomery Country area for as much as five years.