Evidence Tells a Grisly Tale of Family, Not Panhandler in the Death of Maryland Woman

A high-profile murder case finally has received the justice it deserves when police learned the truth of the husband and step-daughters involvement in the victims death, instead of a panhandler as was initially believed.

Initially, the victim Jacquelyn Smith was thought to have met her demise by stabbing after being robbed during an act of benevolence to a panhandler sitting at a traffic light.  Her husband Keith Smith age 52 reported these harrowing details to police.

Due to the terrifying nature of these claims, the case made national headlines, leaving many people filled with fear, questioning if it is worth the risk to reach out to those in need.

Finally, after months of faulty information and feared panhandlers, the evidence is overwhelming, proving that the story is false.  Police Commissioner Michael Harrison confirmed the initial story held no truth and subsequently, Keith Smith and his Valeria Smith (daughter) would face first-degree murder charges.  The perpetrators were arrested in the nick of time as it appears, they were intending to flee the country.  Thankfully law enforcement was able to apprehend them in Harlingen, Texas just before they reached the Mexican border.

It is not currently known, from the information provided by Harrison during the new conference, what part each of the two perpetrators played in the grisly death of their wife and step-mother.  Additionally, at the present time no motive has been alluded to.  Harrison took time to comment on the news media coverage, that blew out of proportion the false story of the victim’s death, leading to fear of crime in Baltimore as people did not have all the facts.  Local detectives were esteemed for their hard work and dedication to find the true killer and ensure justice is served.

The original story, reported to police on Dec 1, 2018, detailed Jacquelyn’s death occurring after she supposedly put down her window in a kind act.  She was reportedly giving a young woman in need $10 to help her and her infant child.  She had been moved to help after reading the depressed woman’s sign asking for help to provide food for the baby.  It was then alleged that an unseen man had been placed to steal her wallet.  A subsequent struggle ensued, resulting in the victim being stabbed to death and the panhandlers fleeing immediately.

After giving his falsified report of the events that led to his wife’s death, Keith Smith had the audacity to lobby for legislation banning panhandling at traffic lights, as well as providing the media with extensive interviews.  He further hid his true colors by begging for the proposed legislation to be named in memory of his deceased wife. At this time, the alleged perpetrators have not given a comment.