Fort Hood Soldier Meets Grisly Demise

When making the decision to join the armed forces, most people expect they may give their life for their country, but what no one expects is to lose their life at the hands of a fellow soldier.  This horrific scenario become the reality of a 20-year- old, Fort Hood Soldier, Private 1st Class Vanessa Guillen, who went missing in on April 22, 2020.  After months of investigation, the young woman’s remains were recently located in close proximity to the Fort Hood base in a shallow grave.

The family’s attorney announced that after the family met with (CID) the Army’s criminal investigation division, it was confirmed that Guillen was the victim of foul play.  The grisly tale involved a classic case of knowing too much.  Allegedly, Guillen was murdered by a comrade whom she learned was having an affair with another soldier’s estranged wife.  Guillen trying to do what was right, confronted her alleged murderer Aaron Robinson with threats that she would tell superiors of his misconduct.  An alleged altercation ensued with Robinson becoming determined that he would silence the threat to his career, brutally attacking and killing the victim by bludgeoning her head with a hammer.

This all allegedly took place in the armory room where Guillen worked.  The perpetrator then brazenly loaded Guillen’s body into a Pelican case and drove her remains off base.  The perpetrator was assisted with the transportation and disposal of the body with his alleged mistress 22-year-old Cecily Aguilar.

Allegedly, the deadly duo further desecrated Guillen’s body by trying to burn it.  When this tactic failed, they choose to dismember her with a machete.  They then placed her in a shallow grave, surrounded by dense forest, close to the Leon River.  They went as far as covering the grave with stones and cement to hide evidence of the body’s location.

The lead suspect in the case was 20-year-old Spc. Aaron Robinson.  However, when he was approached by authorities, regarding his involvement in the murder of Guillen, he took out a pistol and fatally shot himself.  His accomplice and lover Cecily Aguilar is currently in custody.

The alleged accomplice made her first appearance in court on July 6, 2020 and was charged with mutilation to impede an investigation, as well as felony alternation.  She will be required to appear in court on July 14th for her preliminary hearing.  If she is convicted of the charges against her, she will be subject to harsh penalties, including as much as 20 years spent behind bars and fines up to $250,000.