Improper Handling of 63 Fetuses Found in Detroit Funeral Home

The Detroit police department made a grisly discovery of the remains of 63 fetuses at a local funeral during a recent raid. Allegedly, at the Perry Funeral Home, 36 fetuses were discovered in boxes, with an additional 27 fetuses discovered stored in the freezer. This discovery came merely a week after another local funeral home was busted for housing the remains of 10 fetuses, as well as one infant in the ceiling of Detroit’s defunct Cantrell Funeral Home. Authorities became aware of the situation after receiving an anonymous letter.

All remains have been surrendered to state investigators for evidence. Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs have closed the funeral home, in addition to suspending their license pending further investigation.

Evidence is rapidly compiling of other unethical infractions by the funeral home. Allegedly, Perry Funeral home failed on many occasions to certify death certificates, as well as obtaining correct permits for burials.

The funeral home will likely find themselves in hot water as criminal offenses are stacking up against them, that may potentially be felonies. If this is the case, guilty personal could be imprisoned for up to 10 years, be fined up to $50,000 or a combination of both.

Thankfully, the previous week’s publicized discovery at the Detroit’s defunct Cantrell Funeral Home, encouraged other victims to come forward. A man who was in the process of suing Perry’s Funeral home due to unlawful handling of the remains of infants and fetuses asked his attorney to alert the police of this similar situation.

The man filing the lawsuit alleges that the funeral home was responsible for storing remains of stillborn and live birth babies in the morgue for as long as three years without attempting to contact parents, who often desired to donate the bodies for research. Additionally, claims were made that the funeral home engaged in Medicaid fraud, collecting money for burials that never took place.

The attorneys involved in the suit feel there are potentially many more fetus and infant remains to be discovered. According to records, there could potentially be as many as 200 remains yet to be discovered at the Perry Funeral Home.

Local Authorities are debating the formation of a task force to target local funeral homes engaging in fraud of this nature. The raiding of another local funeral home and residency was also conducted on suspicions of similar activities.

Sadly, the unlawfully handled body count continues to raise as more investigation continues into the practices of the two aforementioned Detroit funeral homes.