Life Saving Tips to Protect Yourself from Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a serious crime occurring at alarming rates in our country. It is slowly permeating even our rural areas. Many people are victimized each day against their will. Understanding simple tips to protect yourself and others will be important in stopping this heinous crime from happening to you.

Always Be Aware

Far too often, we are preoccupied on our cellphones as we exit a store or our place of employment, paying little attention to our surroundings. Simply being alert to any suspicious activity could be fundamental in protecting yourself from being attacked or snatched by a human trafficker.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Carrying a taser, pepper spray, knife, or concealed carry weapon (if you have gone through the proper avenues to do so legally) will prepare you to defend yourself in the event your safety is compromised.

Listen to Your Intuition

If you begin to feel something is off listen to your gut. It is far better to have a false alarm than risk your safety unnecessarily. Immediately, call someone and get to a safe place. If you are sure of a threat do not hesitate to call 911 and stay on the line. If you are in your car pull into a public area or police station. Draw attention to yourself.

Lock Your Doors

This may seem like a common-sense tip but in our rush, it is easy to forget this simple safety tip. Especially when leaving your job or a store, make sure to hit the lock button as soon as you enter your vehicle. Furthermore, always lock your vehicle when you leave it parked. Give a quick survey of your vehicle when you return to make sure no one is hiding in the back seat or under the car.

Have Keys in Hand

When leaving a location be sure to have your keys out and ready to get in your vehicle. Digging through your bag, distracted is an excellent way to be unaware of your surroundings and put yourself in a compromising situation.

Tint Your Windows

Often you hear stories of young women being chased down and run of the side of the road. Tinting your windows is an easy way to help protect your privacy and identity. It is difficult to judge how many people are in a vehicle if the windows are tinted. I personally saw to it that my daughter’s windows were tinted to help ensure her safety. Hiring Technical Tinting and Clear Bra Inc. was a great decision in ensuring top quality craftsmanship, privacy, and style for my daughter’s car. You can trust this company to add this great security feature to your vehicle too!