Phoenix Sex Abuse Scandal Takes Lack of Consent to a New Level

Every day, we hear horrific tales of rape and other sexual violence against women.  Many women cry out against sexual violence that has occurred against them without their consent.  These heart-breaking stories are far too common, but what if you not only did not give consent but could not?  One sickening case of sexual abuse shows the devastating consequences to one woman who could not say no and yet was exploited anyhow.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the demented tale of alleged sexual abuse against a female patient who was under care of a local nursing facility is under investigation by law enforcement.  Allegedly, the unnamed victim became pregnant and recently gave birth while under the care of the facility.

It is alleged that the potential victim, who has been in a vegetative state since she nearly drowned, has been in the care of Hacienda Healthcare facility for more than a decade.  On December 29, 2018 she unexpectedly birthed a male child.

Staff claim they had no inkling the woman was pregnant until she was nearly giving birth.  The alleged victim was moaning which led staff to the realization that she was in fact experiencing active labor pains.  The victim, despite her condition, was able to bring a healthy child into the world.  A nurse who was on staff at the time the labor progressed is credited for delivering the baby.

The victim was under 24-hour care, meaning that many employees were able to have access to her room.  The most sickening part, due to her condition she had absolutely no say and no ability to fight back against her abuser.  Her condition even prevented staff from being aware that she had become pregnant as she was totally unable to communicate.

In view of this scandal, the nursing home has begun the process of revamping protocol.  From this point on any male staff member who is caring for a female patient will need to be accompanied by another staff member who is female.

Law enforcement has yet to release extensive information regarding the investigation of this case.  One thing is clear, during the spring or summer of 2018, the alleged victim who was at the time in a vegetative state, was sexually assaulted and subsequently became impregnated by her rapist. The police and the Arizona Department of Health Services continue to investigate this case seeking to prevent any harm or further harm to other patients at the facility.