Political Tensions Incite Violent Assault

America has long been hailed for its political system that allows the people to choose their leadership.  In the current political climate, it seems extremes on both sides are creating deep divisions with tensions escalating into violence.  In a nation where we once respected each other’s differences, this is no longer the case as supporting a political candidate or ideology may result in you being injured or even killed.  While freedom of speech in still in our constitution, it seems some are dead set on attacking anyone who may disagree with them whether verbally or physically.  This was the sad reality for one senior citizen who was merely exercising his freedom of speech, while endorsing a political candidate.

This situation is even more problematic as the victim was not only an 82-year-old senior citizen, but had also fought for the cause of freedom as a veteran of the United States Armed forces.  The alleged victim was Charlie Chase a resident of Fall River, Massachusetts who wanted to offer his support for President Trump via a sign and hat.

Allegedly, the victim was merely minding his own business, holding onto his sign, when out of nowhere an angry motorist stopped and assaulted the unsuspecting senior citizen.  Reports allege that with a face filled with hate and malice, the motorist picked up the elderly man, slammed him to the ground, stole his sign, tore it and threw the shreds on the ground around them.  Following the vile display of rage, allegedly the perpetrator proceeded to further assault the victim by kicking him in the ribs and legs.  At this point, he retreated to his vehicle and fled the scene of the crime.

A 27-year-old, Fall River resident Aidan Courtright has been named as the suspected perpetrator.  The police arrived on scene after receiving a 911 call for a man being assaulted due to his political stance.  The victim was then transported to a local hospital for treatment.  Evidence to support the alleged accounts with consistent with bruising sustained on the victim’s lower back.  

The alleged assailant, willingly surrendered himself once he was approached by authorities.  He has been charged with multiple charges, including assault and battery on a person over 60, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, civil-rights violation with injury, and vandalism of personal property.

He attended his first court appearance on Thursday where he was released pending an August 6, 2020 court hearing.  He is forbidden to further contact the victim and is not permitted to post political content online.