Potential Threats Warrant Extra Caution at Upcoming Screenings of the Joker

With the many recent mass shooting across the country, it is not surprising that another potential threat has arisen.  In view of this, law enforcement and the military are not taking any risk lightly.  The country has seen one too many tragedies in recent years.  The horrific shootings that took place in 2012 at an Aurora, Colorado theatre, during a showing of a Batman movie seems eerily similar to the associated dark movie involving one of Batman’s nemesis the Joker.  With the horrific violence that occurred, any sort of threat has law enforcement, the community, and the military on edge, fearing a recurrent event.

The Los Angeles Police Department is aware of the potential for violence to occur and thus will have officers present and alert to what is occurring.  Additionally, one Los Angeles theatre has forbidden fans from wearing any sort of costume to showings of the Joker in a cautionary move.

The United States Army has also taken cautionary measures by alerting commanders at Fort Sill, Oklahoma of potential impeding threats.  Although, the Army is unaware of the credibility of the threat, the dark web was harboring information regarding a theatre being the next target for violence during the showing of the Joker.

While the threat may never come to fruition, the Fort Sill Criminal Investigation Command office is not taking any unnecessary risks.  Instead, they are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of those who serve and their families. 

It is particularly alarming that such ambiguity surrounds the threat as no one specific theatre has been identified, making it necessary to take extra caution everywhere the movie is shown.  Thus, the Los Angeles police department encourages residents to take caution, report suspicious activity, and be aware of surroundings, despite no specific threats to the area.  The police department will do their part to patrol the area and ensure the safety of patrons attending the movie.

The large theatre chain, Landmark Theatres has upped regulations to ensure the safety of patrons.  They have employed a costume ban in the past on toy weapons or masks of any kind, but while the Joker is showing have increased restrictions to prevent patrons from wearing any kind of costume.  The theatre restrictions include face painting as part of what is considered to be a mask and costume. It is clear, law enforcement and the military have learned from the heinous events of the past to take any and all threats seriously.  Regardless, if the potential threat turns out to be credible or not, precautions are in place to ensure the protection of innocent lives.