The Best Legal Fun Facts

The legal world typically doesn’t have a reputation for being fun as it often deals with life’s toughest situations. Despite that, sometimes there’s more to the law than meets the eye. If you love fun facts, you are sure to love the list of lighthearted legal information.

No Shortage of Options

Have you ever wondered just how many lawyers are currently practicing law in the U.S.? As it turns out, quite a few; statistics show that approximately 1.34 million attorneys are presently practicing law in the USA.

Breaching the Glass Ceiling

Did you know that at one time, women were unable to take a bar exam, as practicing law was considered a field for men only? This continued until brave and gutsy Arabella Mansfield came on the scene, sued the Iowa state bar, eventually being permitted to take the bar exam. Not only did she pass the exam but became the first women attorney in 1869. She paved the way for many women after her to become lawyers.

Who Knew?

Sometimes it’s those you least expect that have tried their hand at law school. As it turns out, there are quite a few celebrities who embarked on this endeavor. Some names you might recognize are Jeff Cohen, Jerry Springer, Ben Stein, John Cleese, Gerard Butler, Geraldo Rivera, Ozzie Nelson, and John Saviano.

A Lucrative Business

Lawyers have quite the reputation for making the big bucks, but as it turns out some make out a lot better than others. It really all comes down to geographical location. While states with the highest cost of living (think California, D.C., and New York) have some of the highest paid attorneys in the U.S., hourly rates and yearly salaries vary greatly across the country. Lawyers in the highest paid states, with the most prestige can make up to $1,500 per hour; however, in other parts of the country, lawyers only make about $50.00 per hour.

The Law Is Always Fair Right?

When thinking about the law and its procedures, most people assume honesty and fairness; after all, it’s the law. Survey results collected by the Institute for Legal Reform, paint a very different picture. According to senior executives and corporate litigators that have been surveyed, fair and reasonable litigation practices are severely lacking in several states. These include Missouri, California, Louisiana, Florida, and Illinois. However, this trend isn’t universal across the country. Conversely, states like Minnesota, South Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, and Vermont rank high on their practice of fair and reasonable litigation.