The Craziest Laws from Around the World

Every state, nation, and country have laws by which they govern their people.  It is not uncommon for laws to still be in effect that are severely outdated. Such laws are typically no longer practiced.  It is simply easier to ignore outdated laws than to go through the process of changing them. Here are the some of most outrageous laws still in effect across the globe.

Hong Kong

If you are a man residing in Hong Kong, you best not cheat on your Mrs.  As it turns out, she can legally kill you for committing adultery. The catch, she must kill you with nothing but her bare hands.


If you love amphibians and reside in California keep your tongue to yourself.  Licking toads has been outlawed after the “lickers” suffered adverse effects from their poison while trying to get high.


A Texas teacher mustn’t dare suggest you use the encyclopedia Britannica to complete your homework.  It seems unbelievable but this book has been outlawed. The reason why you might ask? People could possibly discover the formula for crafting beer within.


In the town of Blue Earth, Minnesota a child must think twice before picking up the phone.  It is illegal for any child under the age of 12 to make phone calls unless accompanied by a parent.


Thirds times a charm, but the fourth time is illegal that is to marry the same man if you reside in Kentucky.


In the town of Truro, Mississippi you must prove your manliness before taking your bride to the alter.  How you might ask? You must show your tough guy side by slaughtering either 6 black birds or 3 cows.


Another state to place restrictions on its younger residents is Tennessee.  This state requires a license in order for children to pay games on Sundays.  What kind of games this is includes is uncertain as is the process for applying for said license.  There is also no mention of how this will be enforced.


In Mohave County, Arizona if you steal soap you will learn your lesson.  The law dictates your punishment to washing with the stolen soap until it is totally gone.


St. Louis, Missouri takes indecency very seriously.  If you find yourself trapped in a house fire or drowning in a river you best hope you are not in a night gown.  The law dictates that you cannot be rescued until you are fully clothed. 


In Paraguay it is still fully legal to engage in dueling.  The catch is both parties must be blood donors!


Australian farmers beware!  If you plan to later butcher your cow or pig, refrain from naming it or be guilty of a crime.


Husbands! No more forgetting your wife’s birthday or risk committing a criminal offense.