Tinder Date Turns Deadly

The age of online dating has revolutionized how people interact. It has opened the dating pool to endless possibilities, connecting people both near and far. While online dating has many success stories, it also boasts of its fair share of horror stories.

Online dating sites have proven to be extremely problematic as predators and rapists find easy targets among vulnerable persons simply looking for love. It is easy for those with less than pure intentions to pose as a trustworthy person, winning the trust of their intended target. Once the person’s guard is down, it is only a matter of time until they become an easy victim.

It is excruciatingly difficult to discern who can be trusted when most of the dating process occurs over an app. Most often an unsuspecting person agrees to meet with a person they believe to be a wonderful prospect, leaving predators with the perfect opportunity to finally commit their heinous acts.

In the past decade, dating apps have grown exponentially in popularity. As more people go online looking for love, hookups, or connection, so have the instances of sexual assault, rape, human trafficking, and violence.

In some cases, users of apps like Tinder assume that everyone is looking for a sexual encounter as the site has the reputation of being used for hook ups. This can muddy the waters when two people meet with differing expectations, opening up the door for sexual violence to occur.

In addition to sex crimes, meeting a new person can leave the door open for other violent acts, allowing murders and serial killers the perfect arena to lure in their next victim.

Unfortunately, for one Utah woman this became a reality, after she met with a man from Tinder and the evening ended with her grisly demise.

The bizarre story began when the alleged killer 24-year-old Ethan Hunsaker called and turned himself in to police, stating his involvement in the death of his Tinder date. He soon gave himself up to police and is now facing first-degree murder charges.

Officers initially were quick to follow up on the credibility of the call, arriving on the scene to investigate the truth of caller’s claims. Sadly, for Hunsaker’s date, when police searched the residence, a young 25-year-old woman was found stabbed to death on the floor. She was dead upon arrival due to several stab wounds that had penetrated her around the torso area.

At the current time, no motive has been given, with police recommending the alleged attacker does not receive bail as he may be a danger to others.