Top 10 Weirdest Laws from Across the U.S.

It’s no secret that the U.S. constitution, while powerful, is also complicated and sometimes weird. So, after scouring the weirdest laws from all 50 states, we compiled a list of the top 10 weirdest laws from across the U.S for your reading pleasure.

1. Alaska

Ok so everyone jokes about Alaska’s weird laws surrounding moose—so much so that may of the moose laws littering the internet are not actually real. But there’s one weird law that is real and hasn’t yet been thrown around the internet…

In Alaska, it is illegal to kill a moose or any large game animal if you do not then try and use its meat to feed people. The lesson being: go ahead and kill the animal, but don’t let it go to waste.

2. Arkansas

In Arkansas, it is illegal to sound the horn of a vehicle at any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9pm. This odd law is actually in place in a number of states. In Arkansas, this oddly specific law has been in effect since March 2017.

3. Colorado

In Boulder, Colorado it is illegal for you to throw, or move, any boulder that is on public property.  So, when in Boulder, don’t touch the boulders.

4. Connecticut

While we all enjoy some good Halloween decoration fun, you have to be careful how you decorate in Connecticut. Or, better yet, you need to be careful about what you decorate with. Why? Because in Connecticut’s small town of Southington, it is illegal to use silly string unless it
is in the privacy of your own home.

5. Florida

In Florida, a dog owner is not liable for their dog biting you if: you are on their property and their property was marked with a “bad dog” sign. If any other sign but this one is displayed, then the dog owner is liable for any damages that their dog causes you.

6. Georgia

While people in Georgia may enjoy spending a day or two on a boat, they certainly don’t enjoy spending more than 30 days on one. Why? Because, unless you file for an extension, it is illegal in Georgia to spend more than 30 days on a boat.

7. Louisiana

While you may think it’s a nice gesture to send a loved one a surprise treat through the mail, Louisiana law does not. Here, it is illegal for you to order goods or services for someone who doesn’t know to expect said goods or services. I guess that surprise gift will have to be a non-bsurprise gift.

8. Maryland

Maryland created a law that probably makes the state’s streets sound as sweet and innocent as the state’s name. In Maryland, you cannot use any profanity while driving if you are near any street, sidewalk, or highway—presumably because others may overhear you.

9. Minnesota

Minnesota’s weird law makes you wonder what those Minnesotans are doing for fun these days, because they’re certainly not engaging in contests where the point is to chase and catch a pig—be it greased, oiled, or otherwise. I suppose they’ll have to move on to other things because that is now illegal.

10. Montana

Maybe we all have something to learn from this Montana law that really holds people accountable to what they said they will do. Here, if you begin a performance onstage, it is illegal not to finish it.