When Should I Hire A Lawyer?

In America when trouble arises, it is almost reflexive to hire a lawyer, but is it always necessary?  The answer isn’t always black and white as it depends on the unique factors of your situation.  There are times when you may be able to handle a situation yourself and other times when this decision could be disastrous to your case.  Continue reading to learn more about situations that almost always warrant the assistance of a competent lawyer.

Overwhelmed by Your Situation

If you are quickly coming to the realization that you have no idea what to do, then it stands to reason that you should probably not represent yourself.  The decision to seek legal counsel should be made based upon your own level of experience with the law, time constraints, available resources, and a consideration of how serious your case is.  If you stand to lose a great deal and are ill-equipped, it is always best to err on the side of caution and hire an attorney to represent you.

When the Stakes Are High

If the crime you have been charged with requires jail time if you are convicted, you should always hire a lawyer.  Some common crimes that require the assistance of an attorney, include tax fraud, vehicular homicide, DUI, domestic violence, etc.

If You’re Going to Lose It All

If a suit has been brought against you and you could lose a significant amount of money, don’t try and be cheap.  Paying for legal counsel will be far more beneficial if in the end, you avoid having to pay out your life savings to the person suing you.

If the Fight Will Be Uneven

If you are representing yourself and the other person has hired an attorney, you will be a sitting duck.  The odds will not be in your favor coming against a trained legal professional.

A Nasty Divorce

If you are unable to come to a peaceable agreement with your soon to be ex-spouse, it will be necessary to seek the assistance of an attorney.  In situations where custody agreements and asset distribution cannot be agreed upon, legal counsel will be especially important.  


When finalizing an adoption, the legal paperwork must be drawn up by an attorney.

Making Plans for Your Estate

While you can create your own will, living will, or power attorney, when there are more complicated factors at play, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer.  It is important that your wishes are respected, and everything is legally binding.  The best way to ensure this is the case is with the assistance of a lawyer.  It is even more imperative that you seek legal counsel if you have young children who will be left to a relative, if your will is complicated, if tax problems are present, or if there is a lot of property, assets, and wealth involved.