Armed Civilian Puts Down Walmart Gunman

The country is still recovering from the shock and devastation of recent shootings in both Texas and Ohio, yet another gunman decided to try his luck at a Walmart in Washington state last summer with very little success.  In view of so many mass shootings in recent years, law makers and citizens are constantly at odds with some favoring gun control measures, while others suggest more legally armed citizens conceal carry.  Despite controversy, many law-abiding citizens exercise their right to protect themselves.  This was precisely the case when a gunman fired shots and was promptly put down by a civilian who conceal carried, before the perpetrator had a chance to take the lives of multiple innocent people.

The incident occurred during the summer of 2018, in Washington state when a gunman chose to open fire inside a local Walmart.  The crazed shooter also attempted multiple car jackings, injuring two innocent civilians along the way.  Astoundingly, the threat was put down almost immediately when two armed civilians confronted the gunman, with one boldly protecting other innocent shoppers by fatally shooting the perpetrator.

The alleged shooter was a 44-year-old male, Tim Day.  He had begun his madness by picking a 16-year-old female as his victim for carjacking.  He managed to injure her (not fatally) and get away with her car.  Even though they were later able to recover the car, the perpetrator was no longer in the area.

It was at this point that law enforcement was called to the local Walmart with reports of shots being fired.  It was found out that the same criminal involved in the carjacking was now open firing in the Walmart.  Thankfully, a display case was the shooters only victim while inside the Walmart.  He then proceeded to take his deadly intent to the parking lot.  This time he shot a person inside their vehicle, twice and then attempted to steal the victim’s car.

It was then that normal, every day, law abiding gun owners saved the day.  These two brave individuals thought to act and protect others, putting their lives on the line by confronting the shooter and then eliminating the threat entirely by killing the gunman.

Sadly, the victim of the second car jacking sustained serious, although not fatal injuries, spending time in the local hospital in critical condition.  Thanks to the fearless actions of two individuals, a mass shooting was averted.  Many hail the two civilians as heroes citing that many more could’ve been dead by the time law enforcement arrived, if no armed citizens were present at the time.  Such incidents beg the question, are guns really the problem?  In the midst of such vile events, many people struggle to know how to most effectively handle the shooting epidemic in our country.  No easy answers seem to be present.