5 Signs That You Need to Hire a Denver Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident

Navigating settlement after a car accident is often stressful and difficult to navigate. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not hiring a personal injury Attorney when they should have. Here are five signs that you need to hire a Denver personal injury attorney after a car accident.

1. You’ve sustained a serious injury

Medical costs after a car accident can be financially crippling. If you’ve experienced a serious accident in which the other driver was at fault and has left you with severe injuries then it’s important that you hire an experienced attorney to fight your case.

Why? Injuries do not only come with the cost of care but often come with other costs like those associated with not being able to work, or not being able to continue living in your current home. As the injured party, you are entitled to seek compensation for all of these costs, however insurance companies often fail to fully recognize them.

Hiring an attorney to navigate this process and get you the settlement that you deserve is integral. It is even more important to hire an experienced attorney who will be able to represent your case to insurance companies if you have been diagnosed with a permanent disability after your accident.

2. Your auto insurance coverage isn’t enough

While most of us buy insurance coverage with a few possible minor incidents in mind, we rarely account for larger, more serious crashes. If your insurance doesn’t offer enough coverage to cover for the full cost of repairs and medical treatment, even when the other driver’s insurance payout and your health insurance policy is accounted for, then hiring an attorney gives you the advantage you need to fight for the total settlement package you deserve.

3. You’ve never filed an insurance claim before and/or the initial claims you flied were denied

Insurance claims are weighed down by paper work, legal jargon, and, often times, unhelpful representatives. This all adds up to a confusing and stressful process in which important details are easily overlooked. This is bad news for your case. Getting legal help when filing a claim will free you from this drama.

If you already filed a claim and all of it, or part of it, was denied then you will need help fighting this decision. An experienced attorney will work hard to negotiate a settlement that will not leave you out of pocket.

4. The other driver doesn’t have insurance

An uninsured driver is a headache for everyone. When there is no insurance company to take financial responsibility for the settlement, you will need an experienced attorney to help you reach a settlement with the driver directly.

Without an attorney this process can lead to lengthy court proceedings that you must manage yourself. But, with an Attorney on board, you have the full support of an experienced legal professional who knows how to get you the best settlement possible and fast.

5. Fault is contended

As if accidents aren’t already stressful enough, they can be much more of a handful when it is unclear who was at fault or when multiple parties are involved. More parties also mean that you are open to counterclaims if those said parties decide you are partially at fault for the collision. Hiring an attorney here is the best way to get yourself protected from these claims.

So, whether you’re feeling like your in  over your head, wanting to have some experienced support around you, or dealing with the serious after effects of a car accident, hiring a Denver personal injury attorney is the best way to get you the settlement and care you truly deserve.