Six Lawyers for a Lifetime

You may not often consider that within the legal field lawyers can specialize in many different expertises. Over the course of a lifetime, you may need several of these skilled professionals to help you with different legal issues. Knowing who to call when trouble strikes will be crucial in helping you receive the most competent legal help relevant to your specific situation.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

A criminal defense lawyer will be important if you are ever accused of a crime such as DUI, theft, murder, etc. These lawyers will be crucial in assisting the accused in plea deals, reduction of charges, eliminating charges, and representing the client if the case makes it to trial.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer will be an asset if you are mitigating the waters of bankruptcy. These lawyers are trained to assist in the filing of a personal or business bankruptcy. They also can be hired to represent a client against creditors seeking compensation through the bankruptcy petition.

Estate Lawyers

Estate lawyers deal primarily with financial planning. When seeking someone to create a trust, draw up a will, or become the executor of a client’s will, you will want to hire a capable estate lawyer. Furthermore, if you decide you are upset with the stated arrangement in a will or trust and wish to contest it, an estate lawyer is able to represent you

Family Law Attorneys

Lawyers who handle family law issues primarily deal with divorces, custody cases, and child support. Additionally, family law attorneys also deal with pre and post nuptial agreements between couples. When dealing with legal issues related to marriage and family an adept family law attorney will be crucial in insuring you are treated fairly in a divorce settlement or child custody situation.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are a subcategory within a subcategory. Within personal injury law, lawyers specialize in specific areas of personal injury. For example, some lawyers may deal primarily with medical malpractice injuries, whereas others represent clients who have been injured in a car accident. An advantage to hiring one of these lawyers is that they most often do not require payment until a settlement has been won. This diverse class of lawyers are important anytime you are suing due to an injury or accident of any kind.

Tax Lawyers

These lawyers are particularly helpful if you own your own business, although private individuals can also seek the legal counsel of a tax lawyer. The primary function of a tax lawyer is to ensure a person or business is correctly abiding by state and federal tax laws when filing tax returns.