The Top 7 Most Sexist Laws in The U.S.

While it is clear society continues to move towards equal rights for both genders, we have not yet fully reached equality.  The United States treats women far better than in many other nations.  Despite this, there are still some crazy, outdated, and sexist laws which are technically still in effect today.

Be Careful of Your Phone Activities in Tennessee

While it has increasingly become more normal for women to make the first move in pursuing a relationship, it turns out this could be illegal.  If you reside in Dyersburg, Tennessee think twice before asking a man for a date over the phone.  This practice is illegal.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Permission in Michigan

You may be under the impression that your hair is a part of your body and thus you should be able to cut and color it however you wish.  If you are a married woman in Michigan you best first, ask permission.  State law dictates that all married women must first get their husband’s permission before getting their hair cut/colored.  As it turns out, Michigan believes that a wife’s hair BELONGS to her husband.

Consider Your Choice of Attire Carefully in Cleveland

If you think footwear could not possibly be seductive, Cleveland may not be the place for you.  Just say no to patent leather pumps as they are ILLEGAL in Cleveland.  As it turns out the shiny finish could end up being quite seductive if they happen to allow a man a reflection of your nether region.

Ladies Must Be Ladies in Tucson, Arizona

If you find yourself a lady in Tucson, Arizona be sure to wear a dress or at least a skirt.  As it turns out, wearing pants is quite illegal, although this law is no longer enforced.

Just Say “Yes, Master” In Illinois

If you are a power-hungry bachelor in Illinois, you’ve found the perfect state.  All female counterparts are mandated by law to refer to you as master.

Toothless in Vermont

If you are a Vermont wife and require a little extra assistance in the tooth department, you best hope your husband approves.  Vermont law requires written consent from the husband, in order for the wife to legally wear false teeth.

Watch Your Back Literally in Little Rock, Arkansas

If you are a wife in Little Rock, Arkansas take care not to make your husband mad.  He can legally beat you monthly.  His only restriction is the stick can’t be more than three inches wide.