Tragedy Strikes Fort Worth Texas Church

December 29, 2019, a day that will be forever etched into the minds of one White Settlement, Texas congregation.  That fateful morning, church services were running as usual at the West Freeway Church of Christ when an active shooter made himself known.

The shooter was responsible for two parishioner deaths.  However, before he could inflict any more deadly wounds the threat was put down by two brave congregants who were part of the church security team.  The shot was fatal, and the shooter was unable to continue his deadly rampage.

Allegedly, the shooter initially entered the church, taking a seat amongst congregants before beginning his heinous act.  He arose while unsuspecting church members were engrossed in the service, using a shot gun to begin firing his deadly shots.  This led two church members to being shot and killed.

The shooter was later identified as 43-year-old, Keith Kinnunen who reportedly had a laundry list of prior offenses ranging from assault to domestic violence.  He also had a history of mental illness and homelessness. As is the case of many murderers, the shooter knew his victims. He had previously attended church on occasion and had even received assistance from the church.  It is not known what motivated the heinous act or if specific people were targeted.  

In the heat of national debate on guns laws and reforms, this was one case where the law-abiding gun owner was able to save an untold number of lives by his quick response.  After recent legislation passed allowing licensed church members to carry in church settings, a security team was developed. Sadly, two members of the security team were the victims of the shooter.

The victims were identified as 64-year-old, local Forth Worth resident Anton Wallace and 67-year-old, River Oaks resident Mr. White.  In addition to being part of the church’s security team, Wallace was also a respected deacon and member of the church.  

During the attack, multiple armed parishioners stood up to address the threat, with Jack Wilson being the one to fire his gun, using a single shot to fatally kill the shooter.  Due to his extensive training in firearms as both an instructor and a former reserve deputy sheriff, he was able to defuse the threat with only one very accurate shot. Thanks to the amazing courage of this brave man the threat was eradicated in a mere six seconds, preventing many more casualties.