What Is the Time Frame for Seeing an Attorney After an Injury or Accident?

You have found yourself with a personal injury but have spent so much time healing that you have given little thought to contacting a personal injury lawyer.  You may be under the impression that you have unlimited time to file a claim or you may simply be uncertain as to how to proceed.  Some people even struggle with the if they should proceed.  While you ponder if you should contact a personal injury lawyer, you may be throwing away your only opportunity to file a claim for the injuries you have suffered.

Is There A Time Frame?

In Colorado, and most other places in the United States there is a two-year time limit for filing a personal injury related claim.  Therefore, it is critically important that you seek the counsel of a competent personal injury attorney as soon as possible following the injury.  Even if you decide not to go through with it, it is better to be aware of your options before the two-year time frame is expired.  Don’t allow the severity of your injuries to be a reason for missing the deadline.  Even if you are unable to be physically present at a personal injury lawyer’s office, don’t hesitate to call.  In such cases, the attorney may be able to meet with your family and even come to your home or the hospital to begin the necessary paperwork.  A skilled attorney is your best chance at ensuring you receive the justice and restitution you deserve after an event resulting in personal injury.

Unique Circumstances

Each case will present unique circumstances surrounding the incident.  Some states such as Colorado are governed by comparative fault laws.  Understanding ahead of time how the courts will likely view your claim, can be helpful in preparing your case.  Thus, it is critical that your specific case is reviewed by an experienced personal injury law attorney.  This ensures you can receive the most compensation for your injury!

Make Sure Justice Is Served

Remember if you do not speak up and take action for the wrong against you, another innocent person could also be harmed.  Be sure the person responsible for your accident is held accountable for his or her actions. It is crucial that you act immediately to ensure your attorney can prepare a strong case.  If you have been wrongfully injured, you deserve fair compensation.  Be sure you receive what is fair; contact a personal injury lawyer today!